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International Student

Up to now, the faculty has about four international students studying full-time on major of environmental science under full scholarship provided by Ton Duc Thang University.

Undergraduate students

The enrolled year 2014: Keokhamkhoun Soudaphone (Laos) and Phichit Saiyasine (Laos)
The enrolled year 2015: Thypaphanh Noutsab (Laos)
The enrolled year 2016: Vongdavanh Onmany (Laos)
Master students

The enrolled year 2017: Phanutda Inthavongkham (Laos) and Houmpheng Vilaiphone (Laos)
Besides, the faculty annually welcome part-time students come from many countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia for short training course and exchange student program.