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1. Introduction

Environmental Engineering Technology program was established by Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) very soon from the foundation day of TDTU. In fact, this program is the first academic program of TDTU in Southern of Vietnam.

Students pursuing the degree of this educational program are provided knowledge to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of disciplines which are associated to foundamental topics, such as air quality, water quality, air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, composition and physico-chemical properties of water and wastewater, water resources protection, fluid dynamics, hydraulic structures, water supply treatment plant, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment systems, design and management of water supply and drainage networks inside and outside buildings, and operation, maintenance, and automation of water supply and drainage system. Graduates are able to successfully work on environmental assignments such as pollution monitoring, environmental management, site assessment and remediation, waste management, resource management, and sustainability management. Especially, they are trained to be on the front lines of environmental protection.

Environmental Engineering Technology curriculum is compiled so as it can be comparable to the undergraduate program of the University of Florida (USA) which is belonging to the top 100 universities in the world.

2. Expected Learning Outputs (ELOs)
  • ELO1: Apply efficiently language skills (English) and information technology when studying, doing research or working in international environment.
  • ELO2: Develop comprehensively the basic knowledge of political theory, natural and social science in order to identify and solve issues related to environmental engineering and technology at local areas and enterprises.
  • ELO3: Analyse and apply laws or legal documents, and economic knowledge for consulting, design, and construction of water supply and drainage system or environmental protection facilities.
  • ELO4: Select optimal technique solutions for an infrastructure of water supply and drainage system, facilities pollution prevention and waste treatment based on the theoretical principles and current circumstance at specific sites.
  • ELO5: Apply basic and specialized knowledge to design, construct, operate, and maintain the waste treatment facilities, waster supply and sewerage system at a specific area.
  • ELO6: Consult the environmental protection, water resources protection, and construction or investment / expansion of infrastructure at localities and enterprises.
  • ELO7: Establish the control program of environmental pollution, the operation and management program for water supply and drainage at localities and enterprises.
  • ELO8: Create appropriate solutions / techniques in environmental protection and construction of water supply and drainage system in accordance with the trend of sustainable development.
  • ELO9: Develop new research topics on environmental pollution treatment technologies, advanced infrastructure technologies, and renewable energy resources.
  • ELO10: Improve skills for communication, teamwork, writing and presentation of scientific reports.
  • ELO11: Have professional ethics and sense of environmental protection, participate in activities for the community.
3. Career Opportunities

Ton Duc Thang University offers Environmental Engineering Technology program constantly during its long history in Southern of Vietnam. Annually, the amount of graduates satisfies demand of human resource in companies and enterprises. According to annual statistics, it is found that over 90% of graduated students work in the field of Water Supply and Sewerage – Water Environment; 45% of students get jobs in the last year of the education; over 55 enterprises contact for personnel recruitment; over 80% of enterprises are satisfied with quality of the program. Generally, graduates can work in:

  • Water supply, sewerage, and urban environment companies.
  • Consulting, design and construction companies.
  • Trading-Services & Manufacturing materials and equipment business water supply and sewerage companies.
  • M & E companies.
  • Training institutions in water supply and sewerage.
  • Centers for rural water supply and sanitation.
  • Research Institute of Water Supply & Sewerage – Water Environment.
  • Department of natural resources and environment in provinces and cities; Division of environmental resources in districts.
  • Expert of domestic and international water supply & sewerage, and environment projects.

Especially, graduates from Water Supply & Sewerage – Water Environment Division, Ton Duc Thang University are always the priority of state agencies and companies such as:

  • An Phu Vinh Co., Ltd (APV)
  • Mien Dong M&E Joint Stock Company
  • Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Hoa Binh Construction Company
  • Indochine Construction Company
  • Nhat Quang Trading-Services & Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Cho Lon Water Supply Company
  • Nha Be Water Supply Company
  • Gia Đinh Water Supply
  • Ben Thanh Water Supply Company
  • Trung An Water Supply Company
  • Sai Gon - SAWACO Water Supply Corporation
  • Long An Water Supply Corporation
  • Bình Dương water supply Corporation
  • Ree M&E Company, PME M&E Company
  • Urban Sewerage Company – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Flood mitigation Center of Ho Chi Minh City,
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh city
  • Division of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh city
  • Urban Environment Company
  • Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant
  • Thu Duc BOO Water Treatment Plant
  • Thu Duc Water Treatment Plant
  • Institute for Environment and Resources – Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City.