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Academic activities of Professor Ong - Universiti Malaysia Perlis

On December 1, 2023, in meeting room C at Ton Duc Thang University, Professor Ong gave an introduction about her own research trend, about Universiti Malaysia Perlis, as well as the desire for cooperation between the two schools and research cooperation between lecturers of the Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety and Professor.

In addition, Professor Ong shared an overview of nanocellulose materials:

  • Nanocellulose is a material made from cellulose, a substance derived from plants such as wood, rice, or cotton. Nanocellulose has a very small size, only a few to a few hundred nanometers (1 nanometer is equal to 1 billionth of a meter), giving it special properties and diverse applications in many fields.
  • The reason to use nanocellulose is that this material is environmentally friendly, and the raw materials are utilized from agriculture, thereby helping to limit the use of non-renewable materials such as kerosene. During the event, Professor Ong focused on introducing research on the applicability of nanocellulose produced from membranes derived from straw to make separation membranes in supercapacitors.

After the presentation, Professor Ong and the faculty discussed future research directions and answered some questions about research directions on nanocellulose materials.

Besides research trends, Professor Ong also introduced a number of scholarship sources for students of the department such as the NSTC International Internship Pilot Program scholarship (Taiwan), Malaysian Government scholarship, as well as encouraging female lecturers of the Faculty to apply for awards for women in the field of scientific research such as the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science.

Some pictures of the academic activity:

Figure 1: Professor ONG introduces herself

Figure 2: Professor ONG introduces the Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Figure 3: Professor ONG presents research on nanocellulose materials

Figure 4: Dr. Ho Ngo Anh Dao - Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety presented souvenirs