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Global OHS short-term course at Inje University, Gimhae City, Korea

From January 14 - 27, 2024, Dr. Ninh Xuan Huy, Lecturer in Labour Safety, and 3 students Lam Dao Kham, Cao Minh Khoa, and Nguyen Nam Phong, Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety - Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) participated in the course of short-term Global OHS at Inje University, Gimhae City, Korea. Three students had the opportunity to learn new knowledge in the field of Labour Safety, participate, and experience practical scientific research and implementation of Occupational Safety and Hygiene at agencies, companies, and factories in Korea. In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience, study, and exchange knowledge and culture with students from the University of Indonesia (UI - Universitas Indonesia) and Inje University.

At the same time, during this business trip, the lecturer also discussed student exchange programs, master's and doctoral scholarship opportunities for students majoring in labour safety, as well as implementing scientific research projects with Professors of the Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, Inje University (Korea). The lecturer also has the opportunity to discuss with Professor Jeon Minhyon (Principal of Inje University) the desire to develop programs between Inje University and Ton Duc Thang University. In addition, the lecturer and UI professors discussed student exchange programs and scholarship opportunities for Master's programs; as well as implementing scientific research projects related to the field of Occupational Hygiene in Southeast Asia. The lecturer also had the opportunity to visit and meet representatives of the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Administration (KOSHA) and discussed cooperation opportunities between KOSHA and the Faculty of Environment and Occupational Health to improve OSH work in Vietnam.

Work schedule below:




Arriving at Busan airport and moving from the airport to Inje University


Visiting Inje University

Discussing cooperation opportunities with Professors of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Inje University; and the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (UI - Universitas Indonesia)

Meeting and discussing with the Principal of Inje University


Joining the class: Noise - Vibration Prevention Techniques

Practicing Noise and Vibration Prevention Techniques


Participating in class: Occupational Health


Visiting and exchanging at KOSHA

Participating in training at the Ulsan Safety Experience Center


Participating in class: Industrial labor psychology (theory)

Practicing safe production processes at Dream Factory Center


Visiting Busan City with Professor Kim




Participating in the class: Occupational Health and Safety Standards and Safety Culture

Participating in the class: Engineer Communication


Participating in class: Ventilation Techniques

Cultural exchange between students of Inje University, TDTU, and UI


Participating in the class: Risk Assessment


Visiting POSCO Group


Inje, TDTU, and UI students making end-of-course reports


Traveling from INJE University to Busan airport, and fly back to the HCM city


Some pictures during the trip: