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APEC online 2021 YES Challenge Invitation

Welcome to attend the APEC online 2021 YES Challenge, Take a chance to win a high prize

(USD500 for the first place; USD250 for the second place)

To whom it may interest, we sincerely invite you to attend the online APEC 2021 YES Challenge (Theme: Green Synergy Solutions for Green Energy).

In this contest, participants are requested to present the issues of green and renewable energy, and develop solutions based on science and technology. Through the process of problem solving and benefiting community and stakeholders, social entrepreneurship is expected to be promoted.

Participants should team up with 2-5 students (Undergrad/ Grad/ Postgrad) and 1-3 mentors (Professor/ Scholar/ Expert), and each team is encouraged to consist of interdisciplinary members. Every team in the contest will create and progress their works at three stages. There will be a preliminary plan, semi-final presentation, and final pitch. At each step in chronological order, a group of juries will review and score all participating teams' performance; and then select a group of winning entries at the next stage based on innovation, reasoning, feasibility, and perspective. The top three final winning teams will be awarded certificates and prizes (only for first and second places). To acquire more information, please refer to the attached poster or the website: http://yes.apec-acabt.org/2021

To register, please scan the following QR code or go to the registration page (http://yes.apec-acabt.org/2021/register) and upload your preliminary plan file before Oct. 25th, 2021. If you find it necessary to update the preliminary plan or have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (apecyeschallenge@gmail.com).

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